Global Volunteers

People from around the world do volunteer work for ETB from their home communities

Board members at Ashland Food Co-op

Eyes to Burma Ashland Volunteers
Eileen Chieco, Board member
Kara Q Lewis, Board member, Mae Sot Volunteer (2012)
Ron Rezek, Board member, Mae Sot Volunteer (2013)
Nick Benedetti, Board member, Mae Sot Volunteer (2012)
Kerry Kencairn, Board member
Dennis and Fuchsia Remeck, Board membersfilmmaker and community awareness
Barbara Goldfarb-Seles, Ashland Volunteer
Andy Seles, Ashland Volunteer

Aussie Friends of Eyes to Burma Founders and AFoETB Facebook Admins
Megan Colby, Mae Sot Volunteer (2012 – present)
Susanne Heaven, Mae Sot Volunteer (2013 – present)
Geoff Heaven, Mae Sot Volunteer (2014)

And More…
Angel and Marta (Spain), Mae Sot Volunteers (2014)
Gaylin Rezek (USA)
Rajiv and Marianne Hotek (USA)
Nikki Clifton (USA)
Kristina Foltz (USA), presented a piano concert to benefit ETB
Justine Chambers (Australia), Mae Sot Volunteer (2012)


And even more…So many volunteers and supporters make a difference and we aren’t able to name them all. But, if you’re a Global Volunteer, please comment below and we’ll add your name to the ever-growing list of our global community of supporters. Thank you!

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