Who We Are

Eyes to Burma is a very small non-profit organization with board members and administrative staff located in Ashland, Oregon. All staff members are unpaid volunteers. Daily assistance to the refugees at the Mae Sot dump is provided by Fred Stockwell, who lives in Mae Sot full time. Fred also works to join volunteers and donors with the people in need.

Fred worked as a photographer for many years. His work can be viewed at www.stockwellphotos.com.

All donations, whether money or supplies, go directly to help the individuals and families living in the dump.


Burma, also known as Myanmar, is run by a military government. Thousands of people have fled Burma because of the mistreatment and threats they receive. This site is not political, but you can read more at news websites. To get started, here’s the link to Wikipedia’s entry about the Karen people of Burma living illegally in Thailand at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karen_people.

 Fred delivers blankets to people who live in the dump
Fred delivers blankets to people who live in the dump


Fred Stockwell was a photographer living in Ashland, Oregon, USA. He moved to Thailand in January 2008.  He intended to retire there, but then he found people living in a dump outside of Mae Sot. He couldn’t look away.  He’s been helping ever since.



The people living in the dump are lacking all sorts of basic supplies like blankets, boots, and mosquito nets. Ongoing support is also needed for the purchase of food, water, medications, clothing, and work tools.

One little girl cherishes her new pair of boots



It is wrong that children, women and men live in garbage dumps. We can’t solve all the world’s problems, but we can help one group of people get fresh water, food, medicine, and supplies.

People of Burma living and working in a Thai dump

How can I help?

Please go to our Donation page – all contributions are significant and greatly appreciated. Also, read our Get Involved page.

Fred’s truck and your donations are life savers

2 Responses to Who We Are

  1. Khin Win says:

    What a great job you are doing there! Buddha bless you and everyone.

  2. Nice Blog with Excellent information

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