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News: Currenly, ETB is looking for volunteers interested in grant writing. Email us at

Buying watermelons in Mae SotEvery dollar donated to ETB goes directly to supporting the community. We purchase supplies and services from local merchants and villagers, thereby supporting the local economy.

A frequently asked question is how donated supplies could be collected and shipped from a supporter’s home country, for example the US or Australia.

We ask donors not to send us goods and materials from abroad. It is most cost effective and practical to buy what’s needed in Mae Sot, where the dollar goes far, ETB can support the local economy, and we can buy what’s needed when it’s needed.

It is possible for individuals and organizations in Thailand to donate supplies. Please email to find out what supplies are needed:

For international supporters outside of Thailand, visit our Donate page for more information.

For a brief context about some of the issues regarding foreign material donations, here’s a video from the blog Time Given to Us that focuses on Africa and the impact it has.

Sharing Eyes to Burma with Others
Spreading the word about ETB and the essential work being done to help the community is vital and we need your help to do it.

You can sign up for our e-newsletter and “Like” us on Facebook to get the latest updates to share. We have digital copies of our posters and informational brochures that you can share online or print and post on bulletin boards in your community. Click here for an easy-to-print brochure with ETB info and images.

We also have videos that filmmakers have made about Fred and ETB that you can share, too. One is an interview with Fred done by videographer Dennis Remick during Fred’s 2012 Ashland visit:

There’s also a short video done by the filmmakers of My Story, Our World Productions:

We have an annual fundraiser in Ashland, Oregon, and we’ve had past visitors to the dump raise money in their local communities after returning home from their time in Mae Sot. Several church congregations have also chosen ETB as one of their charities to support. An enterprising high school student from Ashland raised money for ETB with a bake sale. Another supporter had house parties where he showed Dennis Remick’s video interview  of Fred (above). If you are interested in fundraising for ETB, please let us know at

Visiting Mae Sot

…More information coming soon…

2 Responses to Get Involved

  1. Nathalie Royer says:

    Heard of you through Guillaume clown humanitaore’s post on Facebook. Went to Kolkata with a nurse friend to help poor people and loved helping her even if i am not a nurse. Could we be both of some utility to your community providing health care? Keep the good work!

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