Roofing Project

Roofing Project, Public Dump, Mae Sot, Thailand 

These photos represent a recent project to put proper roofs on the structures that serve as their homes. The most common roof is a scavenged sheet of plastic lashed to the stick frame.  The plastic helps with the rain but makes the houses (even more) intolerable in the hot weather; temperatures can reach 110 degrees with 100% humidity during the rainy season. The photo below is a house for a family of seven.

 Fred has undertaken to re-roof these houses with native banana leaf strips, which provide cooling air movement while offering protection from the rain. The roofing is produced locally and costs about $25 per house.  Fred is shown below purchasing the roofing material.

Roofing sections are delivered to the dump:

The families can install their own roofs in half a day. These natural roofs contribute a great deal to their comfort, and generally last two years.

And here are two completed houses:

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