Upcoming Events

Fall 2017

This year, we are holding ETB’s annual fundraiser online, thereby broadening our reach from our local roots in Ashland, Oregon, to our national and global supporters.

View and share our fundraising campaign email by clicking here.

For the upcoming year, we are focusing on funding three main areas of need: education, on-site improvement projects, as well as food and transportation assistance.

In a recent conversation with Fred, he emphasized ETB’s continued commitment to education. He spoke about the impact education has on our sponsored students. It’s not just the subjects they are learning in class, but having access to an education has truly broadened their view of the world and their place in it.

We want to maintain support for our 10 full sponsorship students and the 11 partial sponsorship students currently attending Children’s Development Centre.

Fred is also in the process of hiring a local teacher to bring back weekly English lessons to support the progress of our sponsored students as well as provide opportunities to learn for those not attending school.

There are still children who work on the garbage with their families. While the general issue of child labor is being addressed at the governmental level, there are no easy or complete fixes. We see this complicated, often grim reality on a daily basis. It strengthens our commitment to our current sponsored students and to sustainably provide increased access to education as we move forward.

We see first-hand the positive effects of the relatively small group of about 20-25 students who are part of ETB’s education sponsorship program. These students share their knowledge and experiences with adults and other children creating beneficial ripple effects within the community as a whole.

Fred also spoke about the ongoing importance of adequate housing for the community. We prioritize support for those families with children in our sponsorship program and those who are most in need. Fred anticipates repairing or rebuilding 10 to 15 homes.

ETB makes a point of employing community members for on-site projects such as house building and repairs, neighborhood clean-ups, and water drainage projects.

We are happy to report that, thanks to ETB’s partnership with the recycling factory owners, the community has access to water and this is no longer an expense. It has not only has saved money but also time and transportation costs that were required when water was trucked in.

We are setting our fundraising goal at $18,000 in order to be able to continue to fund these essential projects.

Because we are an all-volunteer, direct aid organization, our operating budget is extremely low relative to other non-profit organizations. This means that your donations go very far. And, we always emphasize that no donation is too small.
You can donate several ways:

  • Fund particular projects in the Shop
  • Become a sustaining donor
  • Choose a custom amount for a one-time donation
  • Send a check to:

Eyes to Burma
709 Washington Street
Ashland, OR 97520


View and share our fundraising campaign email by clicking here.


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