Donation results and special thank you to Ashland community

Dear friends and supporters,

Fred arrived back in Mae Sot on the evening of October 10
and was happily back to work with Joe and the community the next morning.
There have been some big changes with the landscape at the dump,
including a repaired road, which will be good for our truck.

Gabriel Lipper Artist Reception and ETB BenefitThis is a special Thank You to ETB’s Ashland community, which has consistently supported our work, understood the larger issues surrounding poverty, asked important questions, and expressed gratitude for the work we do.

Many of ETB’s projects would not have been possible without your donations.

For example, the community center building, which is called Kyun Kyen (“Joon chen”, teak leaf) by the residents (after the teak trees that surround it), is referred to by Fred as the “TC Chevrolet” Community Center, which donated the amount ETB needed to purchase it in 2012.

Donations from 2013 totaling $47,000 ($35,000 received from two Ashland donors)
and 2014 ($19,000) gave ETB two years’ security and allowed
the education and Buddha Land projects to expand and flourish.

This year we came together again and raised $13,700. With Fred’s donation of $10,000 from his Social Security savings, plus donations from others around the world, we have sufficient funds to maintain current projects.

Looking ahead: As ETB intends to expand education sponsorship, we will be seeking additional funding through grants and foundation gifts to fund scholarships in 2016.

We deeply appreciate the contributions of all those who made this a successful fundraising season in Ashland.

ETB's students on Sunday, October 18, 2015, at the ETB community center on-site.

ETB’s students on Sunday, October 18, 2015, at the ETB community center on-site.

Saya (Teacher) Joe now has 15 students learning to use computers. He said they are also discussing business ideas and future plans together. The students are growing in leaps and bounds with skills and confidence.

Note: In the foreground of the photo, one of the students is using a laptop donated by an Ashland donor.

Thank you for your generosity and support.

The Board of Directors, Eyes to Burma

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