2015 Highlights


20 Students sponsored and attending Children’s Development Centre (CDC). Weekend classes on-site in computers, Thai, and music. Saturday English lessons in Mae Sot.


With workers from the community, we built two new houses and provided roofing and other housing materials at cost or for free to families in need.


ETB provided clean drinking water for the entire community and Sky Blue School. Community members assisted with water delivery.


ETB brought water to families in hard to reach areas. Also, provided nails and tools when families needed to relocate houses.

Continued providing 24/7 transportation to Mae Tao Clinic and offering on-site first aid as needed.

Buddha Land
Irrigation pipes put in by community members. Gardens started growing!
New community center built on the land, with a new toilet and cane ball field. The new community center is for classroom use, community meals, temporary housing in emergencies, and a gathering place.
Teachers from Adolescent Reproductive Health Network. Students from Passport Restaurant (also known as Hospitality and Catering Training Center). Students from Naresuan University in Phitsanulok, Thailand.
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