November 2014: Nigel and Diane from Perth, Australia

photos from Nigel and Diane, Eyes to BurmaNigel and Diane are visiting Fred and spending several weeks with the community at the dump this month. Nigel is posting updates with photos and videos on ETB’s Facebook page. Like our Facebook page to get the news!

From Nigel & Diane:

Today & this evening we saw how helpful Eyes To Burma really is. I can’t thank everyone enough from around the world who support Eyes To Burma.
I told you earlier in the week that we had a surprise for you today.
Fred done something different for the people of the rubbish dump today. He put a lot of planning into this and last night the weather look like it was going to spoil everything. But this morning we woke up and found the weather so beautiful.
So off we went buying more rice, mats, water.
At 10am we went to the Burmese Buddha Temple and pick up 3 Burmese Monks and took them to the new block of land we now have at the dump site.
Here the people cooked food for the Monks and offered to the Monks.
The head Monk gave a talk to everyone and then everyone joined in chanting and receiving a blessing from the Monks..
As I looked round at everyone listening to the Monks, I saw how happy these people were today.
The smiles on their face told us how they were feeling today. After the Monks left everyone was so relax and HAPPY HAPPY. More food was cooked then it was time for Burmese singing and dancing.
On this day no one was thinking of working in the rubbish and the children had a day off school.
When we left them at 9.30pm tonight, they were still cooking and singing.
For Diane & I, this has been the best day of our lives.
Without Eyes To Burma and all the kind supporter we have, these beautiful people would never enjoy a day like today.
I will add as many photos & videos to this page tonight as I can.
Thank you Fred for this magical day. We will all sleep well tonight. 
— in Mae Sot, Thailand.


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