ETB Love Day Update!

On September 28, 2014, Eyes to Burma supporters from around the world shared in a day of  giving and celebration in support of the Burmese refugees who live and work at the Mae Sot Dump in Thailand. Here’s how it went!

Ashland Benefit & Celebration

Once again, the generosity of Ashlanders was manifest at our annual fundraiser held at Grizzly Peak Winery on September 28th.

Eyes to Burma Benefit & Celebration

To begin with, thanks go to Virginia and Al Silbowitz for welcoming us to use their beautiful venue for our event. And Jeff Golden and musicians Kevin Carr and Josie Mendelsohn who donated their time and expertise to make this one of our most successful fundraisers.

In fact, we raised $8,456 (!) which puts us well on the way to our goal of raising $25,000 for this coming year so that Fred can continue his good work at the Mae Sot dump. 

We are deeply grateful to all those who attended our benefit and celebration on Sunday
and so generously donated to this most worthwhile cause.

For those who missed the event, here is the video update on ETB’s Education Projects
that we presented at the benefit:


 Eyes to Burma Love Day Around the Globe

This was our first year to have a day of celebration that anyone could participate in
at whatever level she or he was able to, wherever she or he resides.

We are so happy with the results.

Here’s what some of our Global Supporters did to support ETB on the inaugural Love Day:

Megan Suz Geoff Aussie Friends of Eyes to Burma posted a video on their Facebook page with a slideshow featuring photos and video put together by three of the group’s founders who volunteered in Mae Sot earlier this year. Way to go Suz, Meg, and Geoff! That final song at the end of the video is so touching: “So put love in your heart / Open up your mind / And I know you will find / Yes, we are shades of the same color / We are shades of the same color” ~ song by Chris Murray, “Shades of the Same Color”


Jacques MaudyPhotographer Jacques Maudy shared his story and photographs from his trip to visit Fred in Mae Sot in 2013. Thank you, Jacques! Also, one of Jacques’ photographs was purchased at the Ashland Benefit! Thank you to Jacques for giving us permission to print and sell a few of your amazing images of life at the dump, and thank you to the supporter who purchased the framed image.

GivingWe had many in-person and online donations made throughout the day from supporters in Ashland and around the world. We’ll keep you updated about those results. Thank you to the donors! Even $5 makes a difference.


Helping handsNigel and Diane of Perth, Australia, held a house party and were continuing to raise funds for ETB. Their goal is to raise $5,000 by the end of October when they will travel to Mae Sot to work with Fred and the community. They were at $2,300 last we checked in with them. We wish them the best of luck and will help them get the word out about their efforts.


facebook imageThere were 16 people who joined our ETB Love Day event page. People who joined the group come from a range of locations, including Oregon, Australia, Thaliand, and South Africa.


Ashland Benefit continued…

Many thanks to the individuals and businesses that made the Ashland benefit possible:

Thank you, everyone, for taking part!

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